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You love your active lifestyle and you know there are risks...

Protect yourself and your family while pursuing your passions. The costs of an accident, whether a trip to the emergency room or a hospital stay, need not create a financial strain. Accident insurance from Balance can help with the costs of unexpected expenses like deductibles and co-pays.

From as little as $19 a month plans include:

• Access to any doctor or hospital — no network restrictions
• Cash benefits paid directly to you or your family
• Up to $50,000 in Accidental Death Benefits
• No overall annual or lifetime limit — no matter how many accidents you have
• Available to ages 18 through 64 years (dependents from 30 days old)
• Coverage 24 hours a day

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Why Balance?

Balance is the brainchild of cyclist and outdoor enthusiast Jay Paul of Richmond, Virginia. Over the years Jay has had a number of friends seriously and in some cases permanently injured as a result of cycling accidents. He saw the financial distress these individuals and families suffered as a result of these injuries. Most had good health and disability insurance. None had any idea of the number of things associated with a serious injury that were just not covered by either health or disability insurance. Initially Balance was only available to cyclists. Today it is available to most participants in what Jay calls the active outdoor lifestyle. Paul states, “We found that horseback riders, motorcyclists, skiers/boarders, kayakers, and triathletes were all interested in our coverage. Working through The Time Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Assurant Health, we were able to make this important coverage available to a larger group of outdoor enthusiasts."

Balance is marketed by Affinity Group Underwriting (AGU) out of Richmond, Virginia. AGU has been designing and distributing creative insurance solutions or non-traditional groups and associations for over 20 years.
Balance accident insurance would have helped my family immensely after my husband's severe TBI in 2002. We are fortunate he is back on the bike today, and so glad this product exists!
- Thankful customers, Rosemary and Hugh Rawlins

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